On the occasion of wire Southeast Asia 2022

On the occasion of wire Southeast Asia 2022

Message from Dr.-Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann
President of the Association of German Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers

After the cancellations and postponements of the “wire” trade fairs in the last years due to the worldwide pandemic situation, we are all looking forward to the upcoming event in Bangkok with hope, pleasant anticipation and expectation. The outstanding importance of the ASEAN states is not only based on the diversity of its member states and the geographically favourable location with the important sea routes to the
Pacific and Asian regions, but also as an important sales market for the economy and is therefore, in particular during the wire trade fair days, dynamic and pulsating pacesetter for the entire wire and cable industry.

For the Verband der Draht- und Kabel-Maschinenhersteller (VDKM), the Association of German Wire and Cable Machine Manufacturers, as speakers of the affiliated manufacturers, the “wire” trade fair in Bangkok is therefore the most important platform for the whole economical important region of Southeast Asia.

For decades, the leading international trade fair “wire” in Bangkok has been the indispensable platform for exhibitors and visitors in Southeast Asia to form opinions, exchange information and receive competent specialist advice on the entire spectrum of topics relating to wire, from
production and processing to the wide range of possible uses.

Strategically located in the heart of the ASEAN region, Bangkok will be a three-day center of attraction for the wire and cable processing machine industry worldwide. As one of the technologically leading export nations, Germany plays an important role here. On the three days of the fair, the German exhibitors will present the latest state of the art in technological machine development, be available as discussion partners for customers and interested parties, and, last but not least, present solutions and ideas for current and future challenges in our industry. The “wire” trade fair is the showcase for the current progress and technical development in the field of wire processing, also by opening up new technological fields.

Actually the world is facing a major challenge due to the Corona pandemic, the supply chain challenges and the increase of energy costs, but we are confident that the situation will improve again. We have already experienced many ups and downs, just like the “wire” trade fair, and we are sure and trust that we will all successfully master this actual crisis together.



Termin: 07./08. Oktober 2024
Betriebsbesichtigung: FUHR GmbH & Co. KG, Steinheim
Veranstaltungsort: Ringhotel Niedersachsen, Höxter


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